Life Drawing 24/05/18, 07/06/18 and 21/06/18

These life drawings are from three separate sessions way back in May and June. I decided to compile them all into one post as it was the same model for each of the sessions.

I’ve gotten quite used to drawing this particular model now, I think she is one of the models I’ve drawn the most, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome of the first four drawings. However, I did struggle with the last two drawings and I’m not quite sure why.


I hadn’t realised that this hadn’t been posted here yet. Anyway, I finished this a few weeks ago and it was one of the paintings that was on display at the Ardent Gallery in Brecon. The painting itself is only A4 in size but it took me a surprisingly long time to finish due to all the small details that were featured.
I really wanted to fill the painting with as much plants and flowers as possibly but I admittedly found it quite tedious to paint at times and I found myself leaving the painting for ages before finally retiring to continue it. I’m just glad it’s finished for now.
As with a lot of my work, you can buy prints etc of it on my society6 and Redbubble pages.

Summer Exhibitions

The Unicorn and The Frog Prince, currently at The Albany Gallery, Cardiff

I been a bit busy lately and haven’t posted on here as much as I would have liked. I’ve been continuing to work on several different things and have a lot to post here, hopefully during this week. In the meantime I thought it would share the news that I have been a part of two group exhibitions this summer which has been amazing!

I had three of my paintings displayed at The Ardent Gallery in Brecon in July as part of their open art exhibition, and I currently have two paintings at The Albany Gallery’s Summer Exhibition which runs until the 18th August.