Folktale Week 2018. Day 7, Animal

For the final day of folktale week on instagram, I chose to illustrate The Firebird, following the prompt ‘animal’. I’ve really enjoyed painting these images this week and with a few of them, particularly this one, I’d like to paint a larger version of and spend some more time on it so I could include more details.

Folktale Week 2018. Day 6, Mirror

Snow White was the story I went with for day 6 of Folktale Week on instagram, the prompt being ‘Mirror’. I kept it quite simple and decided to illustrate the Evil Queen fining out that Snow White is alive and the fairest of them all and included Snow White in the mirror in order to mirror both of the characters.

Folktale Week 2018. Day 1, Forest

I saw this challenge on instagram and knew I had to take part, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before! Throughout the week, I will hopefully post illustrations of folk or fairy tales inspired by the prompt list. The prompt for day one was ‘Forest’ and I chose to draw Little Red Riding Hood, which I noticed was a popular pick for many people for the first day.

You can see much more work on instagram and on my page @scottkeenan_