The Lunar Chronicles Series

I thought it would be nice to see all four of my paintings based on Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series together. They’re science fiction novels based on classic fairy tales and with my paintings I wanted to depict this science fiction elements in a classic storybook way.

You can read more about the process behind each individual painting in the following links.
Cinder, the 1st book based on Cinderella
Scarlet, the 2nd book based on Little Red Riding Hood
Cress, the 3rd book based on Rapunzel
Winter, the 4th book based on Snow White

The Lunar Chronicles, Winter

This was finished a bit sooner than I initially thought it would be but here it is, my fourth painting based on The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. This one is based on the fourth book titled ‘Winter’ which is a retelling of Snow White.

My main goal for this series of paintings was to combine my love of medieval and renaissance imagery, fairy tales and storybooks with the science fiction storytelling of Meyer’s work. For my paintings, I’ve chosen certain parts of Meyer’s novels that I believe illustrate not only her work but also a famous or iconic scene from the well known fairy tale that it is based on.

Ironically, this is the image that started that thinking. It just came to me while I was reading ‘Winter’ and despite this been the last painting I worked on, its the one in which I had a clear image of in my mind first and the other paintings were then worked on around that particular mental image.

Also, out of all the paintings, I believe this is the one where I took the most liberties with Meyer’s work and it is also the one that looks more “medieval”. The scene depicts Winter asleep in a suspended animation tank after being poisoned by her stepmother, Queen Levana. She is about to be awoken with an antidote by her love interest Jacin and that is all a reference to Snow White asleep in her glass coffin, a famous image from the story.

In the book, the tank is lying down on the ground rather than it being stood vertically as I’ve depicted it. I chose to illustrate it this way in order to emphasise that medieval look and include Jacin, looking very Knight-Like in the painting. I also feel that this helped highlight the medieval influence as its very reminiscent of religious icons, made more pronounced by the light above and gold ink.

The scene also takes place on the moon, which in Meyer’s universe is now populated by people know as lunars. The lunars live under domes and have managed to recreate elements of earth in their environment, as I’ve depicted with the forest scene which is also very reminiscent of Snow White. I also depicted the dome by creating the archway at the top, which is a common in medieval and renaissance art and architecture, and bordered it which space along with the earth and a medieval looking sun just to illustrate that the characters are on the moon (even thought it doesn’t look like it).

Life Drawing 15/03/18

My most recent set of life drawings, drawn this past Thursday. Funnily enough, it was the same model as the last two times I’ve been, but once again the model displayed a series of interesting poses to draw.

I continued to work in the small sketchbook for the quick poses and return to a larger one for the 30 minute poses. I would eventually like to begin using a different medium to draw with and I think this would be most beneficial in the second session where we draw an hour pose.

I haven’t stayed for the second session for a while now, mainly because it finishes late and I have a bit of a trek to get home then. Despite this I would like to try something different for an hour pose, like working with paint or maybe on an easel, especially because I find using a pencil for an hour pose to be quite dull.



Life Drawing 01/02/18

Another set of life drawings from last month which feature the same model as the previous session. We drew a number of great poses, my favourite being the kneeling pose you see above which I thought I had the advantage of drawing from a great angle.

We also had a standing pose but the model made it more interesting by resting her chin on her hand. Unfortunately I did not finish this one as you can see with the feet, on the plus side though I do find drains feet very difficult and feel like I can never get it quite right.

As always we started the session with a few quick five minute poses to get warmed up and once again I drew them in my small, handy sketchbook.


Life Drawing 25/01/18

I’ve been slow posting work on here again, and as you can see from the title, these drawings where done a few weeks ago now. I’ve haven’t managed to go life drawing as often as I would like but have been a few time recently which is great.

I’ve decided to start drawing the five minute poses in a small sketchbook that I have had for a long time now but haven’t even filled half of. I quite like working on a small scale for these quick sketches and that sketchbook is perfect for it.

As you can see above, this session had a lying down pose, something which I haven’t drawn for a long time so that was great practice for, especially when that kind of pose I find can be tricky to get right.