Marissa Meyer’s Renegades Competition

A few weeks ago I entered a competition for Marissa Meyer’s new book ‘Renegades’, which is about super heroes and villains. For the competition, you had to invent either your or here or villain (or someone in-between) and if you one first place you could have your character featured in the sequel!

Although I didn’t win, I had great fun coming up with a character for the contest. Her name is Enaid Jones, her alias is Apathia and her superpower is the ability to feel and read other people’s emotions and the ability to also manipulate them.

Her suit changes colour depending on the emotion she is currently reading/feeling but as a result of her power she often lacks emotion/empathy of her own. I imagined her as neither a hero or villain, but someone who could potentially be used as a powerful weapon by a super villain before she finds her own path in life.

Life Drawing 16/11/17

This week was the first time I’ve been life drawing in two weeks now and it was so good to get back into it. I missed the first few minutes of the session so only managed to participate in one 5 minute pose, but I did get to draw two 30 minute poses.

It was another male model this time and so it was great to draw a different body type, something which I think is very beneficial if you go to a session often. I once again used a blue pencil to draw these and even though I would like to try something different I just love working this way for life drawings so will probably continue to do so. I’m pleased with how these drawings turned out, particularly the faces and especially the profile one.


Life Drawing 26/10/17

I haven’t drawn a male model in a long time, and always find it more tricky than a female model, so this life drawing session was great practice for me. I don’t know if it”s because of the different shapes, but males I often find more difficult to draw and with these drawings I found myself taking my time more than I normally do with life drawing.

30 and 45 Minutes

Once again I stayed for most of the session this time which resulted in a few five minute poses, two thirty minute poses and a forty five minute pose. I even tried to incorporate some of the model’s reflection into my drawing. One of the five monte poses I could not fit onto the same page as the other two and also ran out of time to work much detail into it, so I may work back into it at some point.



Life Drawing 19/10/17

These drawings are from the 19th of October, and this time I managed to stay for most of the session, meaning I got to draw an extra pose unlike my previous sessions.
We once again started with a few five minute poses before moving onto two thirty auntie poses and concluding with an hour pose. I did have to leave a bit early to catch my train home so I spent about forty five minutes on the final pose.
I was really great to stay for most of the session, however I do find it difficult drawing a pose for a full hour and wonder if I would prefer to draw a few separate, shorter poses instead.
Also, I think I really messed up the proportions of the standing pose, the head looks far to small too me, mind you it is at an odd angle.

Inktober Day 31. The End

It’s a little late, but here is my final inktober image for 2017!
I originally didn’t know what I was going to do for the final image, but finally decided to create another poster, mirroring my first image, but this time including all of the circus characters that I have been drawing throughout the month.
It’s been great fun once again taking part in inktober this year, and hopefully I can do it again next year!