Mermaid Garden

After creating a submission for Illustration Friday, I was really inspired to create a quick illustration for Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, focusing on the mermaids garden where she keeps a statue. The composition was from one of my earlier ideas for the submission and the image itself is a combination of pencil drawing, quink ink and bleach. I used the quink ink to create the murky look of the sea, however as the ink can be quite unpredictable it didn’t quite have the effect I wanted. Despite this I’m still fairly happy with the image but I do prefer my previous mermaid image which can be seen here:

For the ocean I wanted to ink to have more blue tones to it, like in my Heart of Darkness illustrations (link below), however I think that the colour the quink ink dries to may depend on the type of paper its used on and as it is quite hard to tell how the colour will turn out when its wet, I will have to do some more experiments with quink ink at some point in order to try and determine the colour.

Illustration Friday: Mermaid

I decided to make a submission for illustration friday, this weeks word was ‘Mermaid’. I created the above image with pencil and quink ink and I’m happy with the result, particularly the tail. I stuggled at first with drawing a mermaid as I found it quite a lot harder than I was expecting and I’ve included some rough inital images belows to show some of my early ideas. I have also been working on another mermaid image inspired by this one which I will post soon.

Book of Portraits Part 22: The Romanovs VII

Another set of Romanov portraits, and as my last post focused on female members of the family, I decided to focus this time on male members. The images include Tsar Nicholas II, his son Alexei, his brothers George and Michael, and finally his father Alexander III. I’m happy with the images of Nicholas, Alexei and Alexander, but I really struggled to draw George and Micheal and aren’t entirely happy with the final result as I don’t think the drawings really captured them. However, I have never drawed them before and maybe with more practice I could get used to their features and drawing them.

Book of Portraits Part 21: The Romanovs VII

Some more drawings of the Romanov family, this time focusing only on the females. Above are the four Grand Duchesses, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, commonly referred to as OTMA. Below are images of Tsarina Alexandra as an adult and a young girl. When I saw the original photo of the second image I immediately wanted to draw it as I wanted to try painting the hair with ink rather than the clothing and tried it out on this image. I’m not sure I particularly like the final result however I may continue experimenting with drawing and painting the hair with ink rather than simply drawing it with pencil.