Life Drawing 05/04/18

Some drawings from last week’s life drawing session, as always featuring three five minute poses and two thirty minute poses. I haven’t been able to go this week, and it doesn’t look like ill be going the next two weeks either, but hopefully I’ll be able to go again soon.

I’ve been wanting to draw mermaids again recently and what better time to do that than ‘Mermay’ the mermaid drawing challenge throughout the month of May. I have a feeling the various life drawings I’ve done over the past few months will come in handy for that and I’ve already been thinking of certain poses that I think would be suited to a mermaid.



Life Drawing 29/03/18


I’ve managed to attend life drawing for two weeks now which has been great, but I do know that I won’t be able to next week. I only stayed for half a session this time and as usual we started with quick five minute poses before moving to two half hour poses.

The second session consists of a full hour pose but I don’t normally stay for that one as I’ll be really late getting home if I do. However, if I do manage to stay for the hour session at some point, I would really like to try something a bit different, maybe a painting as I’ll be able to work on it for an hour straight.