The Selfish Giant Update & Illustration Friday

Now that inktober is over I really want to get back into my Selfish Giant project and get the ball rolling again. I have had difficulty with this as there are a few things I want to change about the images I have already made for the project and so I thought it would be best just to go back into my sketchbook to practice the visual elements for the project. One way I began this was just painting medieval inspired plants that will be featured in a lot of the background of the illustrations ust to help get back into the project, and, as this week’s illustration Friday is Bouquet I thought it would fit in very well with that theme.


Inktober Gallery

As Inktober as now finished I thought I would create a gallery showcasing my images from the entire month. I really enjoyed taking part in Inktober and had great fun seeing work for countless other participants, however I’m also glad to be able to get back into some other projects more properly now that it’s finished.