Autumn Valley

I’ve been wanting to play around with using autumnal colours and quickly painted this small scene of a Welsh lady enjoying the valley view. Autumn. is probably my favourite time of year, mainly because of all the colours and I’d love to create more work based around this time of year.

La Esmeralda

This is sort of a remake of an illustration I drew back in 2012 as part of a Hunchback of Notre Dame illustration project. I wanted to illustrate the book in a stained glass style but didn’t end up doing that.

I’ve wanted to redraw this for a while now but I kept it simpler by only including Esmeralda and her goat. Maybe I’ll do the other characters someday!
You can see the original illustration below.

Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon)

I’ve been working on this for a while now and have finally finished it. I started it earlier in the year in hopes of getting it done for St David’s Day and submitting it to open art competitions but unfortunately 2020 had other plans!
I’ve wanted to paint my own version of the Welsh Dragon for ages and I kept the pose pretty similar to the dragon on the Welsh flag.

The Welsh Lady

I painted this earlier this year with the intention of submitting it to a gallery but the virus has put that on hold for the time being. I really like how the colours turned out on this one, I only used watercolour instead of using my usual mix of watercolour and gouache.

Under the Wisteria

I started drawing this last year, after becoming inspired by the wisteria growing in my aunt’s garden. I just imagined fairies flying though around it.
I originally envisioned the woman to be a fairy queen, but she didn’t really turn out to fae like in the end so I’ll leave it up to the viewer to decide.