Ruby Fairy Sketch

I drew this Ruby coloured fairy ages ago as part of the colour collective challenge on twitter but just completely forgot to post it on here! I would love to take part in colour collective more often, but most of the time I just can seem to find the time to actually produce something for it.
I used a life drawing pose I drew a few months ago as a reference for this drawing, am I’m rather pleased with the result. Funnily enough, when I’m life drawing I often think of how I can use the drawings as reference for future paintings.

Exhibiting Work

At the end of last year, I had the amazing honour of exhibiting my work as part to the Winter Exhibition at The Albany Gallery in Cardiff. A friend and fellow artist has been massively helpful with me achieving this and it wouldn’t have been possible without him.

I’ve never really though much about exhibiting my work before as I have only a small amount of experience with it and have only really thought of my work appearing in printed media. However this experience has been so great that I’d definitely like to continue exhibiting and I’ve even sold work through the gallery which is amazing!

My friend, Dai David, helped me with framing and displaying my work and showed me a great and useful process on how to do it, something which I haven’t had experience with doing before and feel more confident with doing as a result. I’ve included pictures of the process of my work being framed as I have no pictures of the actual work displayed in the gallery.

This show is still up at The Albany Gallery until the 13th of January and I will leave a link below to their website where you can see my work as well as all the other amazing artists who’ve taken part in the show. I will also leave a link to Dai David’s website where you can see his amazing landscape paintings for yourself!

The Albany Gallery Website

Dai David’s Website

Laura Palmer Sketches

Happy New Year everyone! It’s my first post of the year and I’m hoping to bring you a year full of exciting artwork! I have a few things lined up that I need to post on here, some that should have been posted ages ago, But will get round to updating my blog as soon as possible.

For now I have these sketches of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks which I drew late last year. Is anyone else a fan of the show? I painted a illustration of her last year as well which you can see here and my plan was to at some point paint another image of her and I drew these as a kind of warm up to that. However that painting is somewhere in my long list of things to do and I never quit visualised it ideally in my mind so Don’t know if/when I’ll get round to doing it.

The idea to paint a second image of here came about when I was watching the 2017 continuation of the series, Twin Peaks: The Return, and while also reading ‘The Secret Dairy of Laura Palmer’ by Jennifer Lynch. The series has such striking visuals and that I love the idea of trying to represent it within a painting, so I will hopefully produce something else based around it soon!