Book of Portraits Part 38: OTMA II

I hadn’t realised that the last time I drew anything in my portrait sketchbook was way back in Arpil! I have been working on a few different projects over the past couple of weeks and will be posting progress and updates of them all soon, sorry for the lack of updates! For now here is a continuation of my portrait drawings, once agin focusing on members of the Romanov family.


Recently, I was commissioned by Hanan Levin to create a piece of artwork inspired by his daughter Adora. Hanna commissions artist all over the world to create art inspired by his daughter and has been doing this since she was born. I thought that this project was so unique and charming and would be great to contribute to so I was happy to produce something to be a part of it. I eventually decided to create a medieval style image of Adora, similar to some of my previous medieval-eque work, and you can see the final image above.

Here are some links to Adora’s and Hanan’s websites which feature amazing and varied artwork, and where you can find out more information about the project. Be sure to check them out!