Life Drawing 19/07/18

A new model I hadn’t drawn before modelled for this session back in July. She was a great model to draw and I can see her poses coming in handy for future work, possibly mermaids.
Unfortunately, my blue pencil broke part way through drawing the second image, so I had to use a regular HB pencil to finish it. I quite like the mixture though.

Life Drawing 31/05/18 and 02/08/18

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now, but I’ve only just got around to editing them. These drawings are of the same model but from two separate sessions, one from June and the other from August.
I’ve drawn this model before and find her really interesting to draw, I particularly like the sitting poses. The model herself has quite a few tattoos which I didn’t really detail in my drawings, however, if I were to draw her in a longer pose, I think the tattoos would be a really interesting thing to focus on.