Life Drawing. 21/09/17

A few drawings my second session of life drawing at the Swansea Print Workshop. Once again the session consisted of several five minute poses and two thirty minute poses.
Also, like the previous drawings, I used a blue coloured pencil to draw with. I don’t particularly know why, but I really like drawing with the blue pencil and really like the effect it has and so I will probably continue to use it for now in future sessions.

30 Minute Pose.


Life Drawing. 07/09/17

Two weeks ago I went to a life drawing class in the Swansea Print Workshop. I haven’t done life drawing in about two or three years now so it was great to do it again and it was surprisingly a lot easier to get back into it than I thought it would be.

I only stayed for half a session, which is just over an hour, and drew a few five minute poses and two thirty minute poses. Hopefully I will be able to go as often as possible, but have only been twice so far.

30 Minute Pose.



Colour Collective. Shocking Pink

Colour Collective is a weekly challenge on Twitter where you can make artwork that includes a specified colour every week. The rules seem pretty flexible and you don’t necessarily have to use just that one colour so it’s a great way ti take part in something weekly and to see the work of other artists.

Last weeks colour was Shocking Pink and this is the first time I’ve ever taken part in the challenge, even though I’ve been meaning to for a while. When I saw the colour for the week I thought of over the top Rococo fashion, mainly because the pink was such a bold and striking colour.

I decided to paint a watercolour image of a Rococo couple for the challenge, using mainly pink for the whole image, and even practiced drawing them in my sketchbook beforehand just to get used to the clothing and details.

I’m hoping to take part in this challenge every week and will of course post my work here if I do. You can also check out my twitter here and if you are involved in twitter yourself I would highly recommend taking part in the challenge.