Mermay 2018 Day 31

So here is the final image for mermay 2018! I posed some snippets of this painting for some of my other mermay days as the painting is A2 in size and I knew it would be unlikely that I’d be able to finish all of it in one day. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed mermay again this year and and extremely likely to take part in it again next year, its very fun and is a great way to get through and art block!

Mermay 2018 Day 30

For the penultimate image of this years mermay, I’ve painted one more mermaid inspired by Siamese Fighting Fish. These have been so much fun to paint through this series and this one was particularly fun due to the mix of many different colours, which has created a rainbow like effect on the fins.

Mermay 2018 Day 27

Here’s a look at the full painting that I’ve posted sneak peeks of for the past two mermay days. It’s A2 in size and features two mermaids swimming among long, flowing seaweed. I used the string and ink technique I sued a few days ago to create a mermaids tail in order to create the seaweed here.

Mermay 2018 Day 24

I’ve been seeing a video doing the rounds on social media of an art technique involving ink and a piece of string. The string is dipped into the ink and then placed on paper or in a book in a curving shape with a piece of it hanging over the edge.
Something is then placed on top of the paper, or the book is closed, and the string is then removed creating a really interesting pattern. After seeing this, I thought it would be great to try and used this for mermay and here I’ve used that technique to create the mermaids tail. I was quite tricky to get it done but hopefully with a bit more practice I’ll get better at it.