The Selfish Giant: Character Designs

After my research into medieval costume, I began to design the characters from the story, using the research on costume to help create them. Below are my initial ideas for the characters of the Giant, both young and old, Snow, Frost, Hail and the North Wind and the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. A lot of the colours were directly taken from my earlier work on the selfish giant as well as some of the concepts of the characters, such as Frost being inspired by a medieval jester.

After these designing these characters, I began working on the children who play in the giant’s garden. These characters were a bit more difficult to design because I couldn’t find a lot of research on what medieval children wore, they mainly seemed to have similar clothing styles to adults, so I just simplified a lot of the adult clothing and applied it to the designs. I wanted the children to have a range of ages and also be a mixture of peasants and nobility while still keeping them as playful children.

After finishing all of the design ideas, I re-worked some of the characters whose deigns I wasn’t too happy with, The Giant, the North Wind and Snow. I altered the deign of Snow the least, but really prefer the outcome to the first deign, while the North Wind was redesigned with more of a winter look, emphasising the fur more. I really liked the first design for the North Wind but felt it didn’t suit the character that much, so I decided to use it for the Giant instead because I liked it that much. I really enjoyed designing all of these characters and am really happy with the final outcome and I think all of the characters will remain as they are for the rest of the project, however there may be some tweaking further on. This work ha gotten me really excited for the rest of the project and I will continue to post more work as I make it.