The Gilded Garden

Just realised that I forgot to post this small painting I did a few weeks ago of medieval inspired tree surrounded by plants. The image is available as a card on my Thortful Profile:

Princess and Dragon Sketches

This weeks topic for illustration Friday is ‘Dragon’ and so I wanted to depict a typical medievalesque image of a princess captured by a dragon. I used the Brothers Grimm story ‘The Four Skillful Brothers’ as a starting point as I am familiar with that story due to using it for a project in my first year at university. In the story, a princess is taken to a rock in the middle of the sea before being rescued by four clever brothers. I originally sketched the princess as being quite serene still, using various poses from medieval manuscripts as reference. However, it thought I would be funny to have a bored and impatient looking princess sitting above a sleeping dragon and decided to use this for my illustration. I have finished sketching the final illustration and will post it as soon as I’ve finished applying colour to it.

Night Time Colour Practice

I am currently working on a commission for someone which requires a night time setting atop a cliff. As I am not used to painting night time scenery I thought it would be good to practice and I started painting the medieval style plants I’ve become accustomed to through my Selfish Giant project in my sketchbook. I used quink ink for the dark background colour, before working on top of it with watercolours. I kept to the colours I normally use when painting plants, dark blues and greens, but left out lighter colours like yellow to create more of a night time feel. I found that the combination of a dark background and a lack of light colours really helped to illustrate this. However, I also really like the dark coloured plants against a plain white background and think that that could be interesting to explore further.

Book of Portraits Part 34: OTMA in Hats II

Here is the second batch of drawings of the four Romanov sisters wearing hats. Once again I have used pencil for the detail and quink ink for the clothing. I am continuing to enjoy the combination of the pencil line and quink ink and also really like the unpredictability and versatility of the quick ink. For example, I used a lot of water with the ink for the drawings of Olga and Maria, creating a very light grey colour, and then used less water for the drawings of Anastasia and Tatiana which resulted in a darker colour.

Book of Portraits Part 33: OTMA in Hats

Here are some images I drew recently of the four Romanov sisters, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia wearing hats. The images are based on photographs I have seen of the sisters. I thought that the combination of ink and pencil would work well with the images of the sisters wearing hats and thought it would be a good opportunity to practice shading in my portrait work, something with the hats would provide plenty of. I have another set of these to post and will upload the as soon as I’ve finished editing them.