Book of Portraits, Part 45: Olga

The 17th of July is the date of the murder of the Romanov family, and this year is the 99th anniversary of their death. Here are my recent drawings of Olga, the eldest child of the family.
I have been drawing the Romanov family for quite a few years now, and have even done projects based around them. As next year will be the 100th anniversary of their death, I would really love to do something to commemorate that.

Book of Portraits Part 44: Tatiana

Next up in my book of portraits is Tatiana, the second child of Nicholas II and Alexandra.
The second two images are drawings based on arguably some of the most famous photos of Tatiana, at least in terms of her look, the short hair with headband, which I think makes her instantly recognisable.
The first image is from a later time in her life, but I’m not sure of the exact date. I do know that at some point when they reached a certain age, the Romanov daughters would begin wearing their hair up, making them look more grown up, rather than down and held back with a bow. My guess is that the original photo was from 19-16 or 1917, but if anyone knows please let me know!

Book of Portraits, Part 43: Maria

So after drawing a few portraits of Anastasia, I thought I may as well draw some other members of the Romanov family, starting with Maria.

I’ve found drawing Maria quite difficult, more so than the other members of the family I would say. I don’t know what it is about her but I feel like I struggle to capture her likeness more than anyone else. But I suppose that can only be improved with more drawing.

Book of Portraits, Part 42: Anastasia

I hadn’t realised that I haven’t worked in my portrait sketchbook since February! I have loads of images save that I want to draw but for some reason I just haven’t gotten round to drawing them.
So this week I decided to get on with working in the book again and to continue working in it as much as possible, hopefully at least once a day. Drawing these kinds of portraits really helps to improve my drawing skill and doing it daily could be a great help.

I chose to once again draw Grand Duchess Anastasia because my interest in the Romanov family is still very much alive and only the other day I watched a documentary on Royal history which covered the Romanov execution and the Anastasia imposter mystery which followed for decades later.
I would at some point like to do a project based upon this, maybe a picture book? But for now I will continue to draw in my portrait sketchbook while I pursue other projects.

Mermay Day 31

Just a little late, but here is my final mermay image! I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this drawing challenge this year, it’s been really fun and challenging. It’s also been amazing to see other artists’ different interpretations of mermaids.

Mermay Day 30

Heres my 30th image for mermay all finished! I really wanted to illustrated a group of mermaids or sirens luring sailors at some point during the mermay challenge and left that till the penultimate image.
I didn’t add as much detail as I would have initially like due to running out of time, but overall I’m happy with the final result. I’m unsure whether or not I will be able to finish my final image in time to post it for the final day of the challenge, but if not will certainly post it when it is finished!

Mermay Day 29

Just finished this painting in time for day 29. It’s an illustration of the little mermaid’s garden featuring her marble statue from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.
I knew I would likely draw something relating to The Little Mermaid story for mermay and have always liked the description of her underwater garden with the marble statue and red weeping willow and I have actually painted a small ink drawing of the same scene previously.
I found painting the underwater scene easier in this image than I did for my previous mermay illustration and I think a big help was having a background wash constituting of blues, greens, and purples, to help create some depth.
However as I am working on a time limit, I didn’t go into much detail with the garden and is plants and focused my attention more on the little mermaid and her statue.