The Romanovs 1613-1918

I started this painting in July last year in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Romanov family’s death. I posted the main part of the painting on the actual anniversary but I hadn’t actually finished the entire thing back then. I’m so happy to have finally finished it now.
The border part of the painting took me the longest as I wanted to make it as neat and symmetrical looking as possible, but that was rather difficult and fiddly. The painting is my own take on a Romanov icon as the family were canonized and I have seen many depictions of their icons during my research on them.
I decided to frame the family with a border inspired by The Church of All Saints in Yekaterinburg which stands on the site of the Ipatiev House where the family was killed.


The Albany Gallery Winter Exhibition. Father Christmas

I’m very excited to be a part of the Winter Exhibition at The Albany Gallery in Cardiff again this year. I’ve got four paintings in the show all together, including this one titled ‘Father Christmas’ which has recently been sold at the show.
I’ll post about the other three paintings soon, but in the meantime you can view the exhibition online at The Albany Gallery website.