The Little Mermaid’s Garden

So this is actually in old painting from 2017 which I decided to revisit and essentially redo. I like the composition of the original painting, mainly the mermaid and her statue, but always thought it looked unfinished. It was only a quick painting I had done for Mermay so I decided to work back into the background of the painting in order to create more of an atmosphere. 
I wanted the create a fuller garden for the little mermaid and also wanted to expanded the underwater tree in the background. I was nervous about doing this and first and was worried I may have ruined the original one but overall I’m really happy with the finished result. 

Mermaid (2015)

Since it’s Mermay I’ve decided to share some of my mermaid drawings and paintings from the past few years again. I’m working on a mermaid piece at the moment but I’m not sure when it’ll be finished so I thought I’d share some older pieces.

This one was drawn in 2015 using pencil and quink ink as a submission for Illustration Friday. I’ve always liked how it turned out and I particularly like the pose and the movement of the tail, there’s a sort of nice simplicity to it.

The Unicorn (2015)

Painted in 2015, ‘The Unicorn’ was originally intended to be submitted for an Illustration Friday prompt but I wasn’t able to finish it in time but the piece need up being a big part of the foundation of my work. I painted it in the medieval and renaissance style I love and was only recently exploring at the time and so this helped to find my way of working I guess. A big inspiration for this particular painting was the famous The Lady and the Unicorn medieval tapestries.

Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer (2017)

I first watched Twin Peaks a few years ago and then again in preservation for the revival series which premiered in 2017 I believe. The series features some amazing imagery and I have seen amazing art inspired by the series and wanted to draw something based around the series myself.

I choose to paint the Red Room in the Black Lodge as the visual imagery is very bold, striking and surreal and I thought it would be both fun and challenging to depict. I also wanted to include Laura Palmer in the foreground as so much of the series revolves around her.

Originally, I had drawn the floor at a different angle, but as I began to paint it, the pattern looked very odd and it became quite frustrating to work on. So, I eventually decided to start the floor over again and simply it more be making it look more flatter and painting the pattern straight onto the image rather than playing around with angles.

I didn’t quite get it completely right, but by this point I have used quite a few layers of paint and it was beginning to crack so I therefore decided to just finish it as it is. Over all I don’t think it looks too bad as the imagery is very surreal anyway, I feel that this only adds to that.