Colour Collective. Shocking Pink

Colour Collective is a weekly challenge on Twitter where you can make artwork that includes a specified colour every week. The rules seem pretty flexible and you don’t necessarily have to use just that one colour so it’s a great way ti take part in something weekly and to see the work of other artists.

Last weeks colour was Shocking Pink and this is the first time I’ve ever taken part in the challenge, even though I’ve been meaning to for a while. When I saw the colour for the week I thought of over the top Rococo fashion, mainly because the pink was such a bold and striking colour.

I decided to paint a watercolour image of a Rococo couple for the challenge, using mainly pink for the whole image, and even practiced drawing them in my sketchbook beforehand just to get used to the clothing and details.

I’m hoping to take part in this challenge every week and will of course post my work here if I do. You can also check out my twitter here and if you are involved in twitter yourself I would highly recommend taking part in the challenge.


The Lunar Chronicles, Scarlet

Here is my second painting based on Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles series. The first painting is based on the first book ‘Cinder’, which is a Cinderella retelling, and this painting is based on the second book, titled ‘Scarlet’ which is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. I also have two more paintings planned, each based on the 3rd and 4th books of the series.

The series is set far into the future and cleverly blends fairy tales with sci-fi in a futuristic setting. As I explained in my Cinder post, my aim with this series of paintings is to illustrate not only a scene from the novel but also elements from the original story that the novel is based on.

So with my Scarlet painting, I’ve chosen a scene from the book where Scarlet, based on Red Riding Hood herself, and Ze’ev (also known as Wolf and based on the Big Bad Wolf) are walking through a forest because it’s a scene which instantly reminded me of the Little Red Riding Hood story, specifically when she meets the big bad wolf and tells him where she’s going before leaving the path to pick flowers.

Ironically despite these novels featuring sci-fi elements, my first two paintings have hardly any sci-fi or futuristic elements, but I promise the next two will feature them more prominently. The Scarlet painting doesn’t actually have any sci-fi elements included at all. Originally I was going to include a train in the far background of the painting but just couldn’t fit it in.

Once again I was really inspired by medieval imagery, specially tapestries, and classical storybook images to create this painting. I also have never painted as many plants as this in one painting before but I really wanted to go overboard with this one in order to create the effect of a wild forest. This also helped emphasise the Little Red Riding Hood scene where she picks wildflowers in the forest while the wolf rushes to her grandmother’s house.

I have drawn up the next two images in this series and there are just painting to be painted. Hopefully they won’t take me too long.

Fairyland Wall

Last summer, me and two friends, who both studied illustration with me, were commission to paint a wall mural in Fairyland, Neath with a fairy tale theme. I posted sketches and ideas for the wall ages ago but will leave a link to that post here:

Over several weeks, we worked together to create this wall mural, using classical fairy tale themed imagery, like unicorns, fairies, mermaids and dragons to create the mural. The photos I’ve included were taken over all of these weeks and show our progress.

I personally worked mainly on the forest area and the mermaids and unicorn. I also added famous fairy tale motifs to the forest area like Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house, Rapunzel’s Tower, Red Riding Hood, the wicked witch from Snow White, and various mushroom houses.

Due to time restraints, as all three of us work, and weather conditions, we never actually completed the wall. I was only really small details that needed to be finished, the entire wall is painted, but it did need a few more details added.

Despite this, the wall mural was a great opportunity for us, as we got to work on a much bigger scale than we are used to and with different mediums than our usual ones. It was also great to work on something that would be included in a community and will be there for a long time.


I’ve been looking back at some old work lately and found a development image from my Wonderland project which featured screen-printed roses and a painted Alice. it based on an earlier in drawing I had drawn earlier in the project, and after I found it, I decided to try an finish painting Alice into the image.

I’ve actually struggled adding Alice into the image by painting her, so in the meantime I decided to digitally add the original drawing of her into the screen-printed image, as you can see above. I’m not a digital artist, and anyone can probably see that the digital alterations aren’t great, however I’m still quite happy with the final result.

I’m still working on the painting though, and will upload it when I have completed it.

Book of Portraits, Part 45: Olga

The 17th of July is the date of the murder of the Romanov family, and this year is the 99th anniversary of their death. Here are my recent drawings of Olga, the eldest child of the family.
I have been drawing the Romanov family for quite a few years now, and have even done projects based around them. As next year will be the 100th anniversary of their death, I would really love to do something to commemorate that.

Book of Portraits Part 44: Tatiana

Next up in my book of portraits is Tatiana, the second child of Nicholas II and Alexandra.
The second two images are drawings based on arguably some of the most famous photos of Tatiana, at least in terms of her look, the short hair with headband, which I think makes her instantly recognisable.
The first image is from a later time in her life, but I’m not sure of the exact date. I do know that at some point when they reached a certain age, the Romanov daughters would begin wearing their hair up, making them look more grown up, rather than down and held back with a bow. My guess is that the original photo was from 19-16 or 1917, but if anyone knows please let me know!

Book of Portraits, Part 43: Maria

So after drawing a few portraits of Anastasia, I thought I may as well draw some other members of the Romanov family, starting with Maria.

I’ve found drawing Maria quite difficult, more so than the other members of the family I would say. I don’t know what it is about her but I feel like I struggle to capture her likeness more than anyone else. But I suppose that can only be improved with more drawing.

Book of Portraits, Part 42: Anastasia

I hadn’t realised that I haven’t worked in my portrait sketchbook since February! I have loads of images save that I want to draw but for some reason I just haven’t gotten round to drawing them.
So this week I decided to get on with working in the book again and to continue working in it as much as possible, hopefully at least once a day. Drawing these kinds of portraits really helps to improve my drawing skill and doing it daily could be a great help.

I chose to once again draw Grand Duchess Anastasia because my interest in the Romanov family is still very much alive and only the other day I watched a documentary on Royal history which covered the Romanov execution and the Anastasia imposter mystery which followed for decades later.
I would at some point like to do a project based upon this, maybe a picture book? But for now I will continue to draw in my portrait sketchbook while I pursue other projects.

Mermay Day 31

Just a little late, but here is my final mermay image! I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this drawing challenge this year, it’s been really fun and challenging. It’s also been amazing to see other artists’ different interpretations of mermaids.