Inktober Day 8

Another experiment with quink and gold ink. This image was inspired by my Picture, Colour, Palette project from my second year at university which can be seen here:

Inktober Day 5: Another Tree

For day 5 I drew another tree, but instead of drawing it with a dip pen I decided to just draw the shape of the tree with a watery paintbrush. After this I began to apply ink and let it bleed around the shape of the tree and when that dried I added some small details with a smaller paintbrush.
I’ve been really inspired by inktober and have been working on some random ink and pencil drawings in my sketchbooks and will post them soon. As for the rest of inktober, I am still coming up with ideas of what I can do each day, however the spontaneity of it is exciting and fun and I am really enjoying taking part in the challenge.

Inktober Day 3: Margam Park

For Day 3 of Inktober I decided to draw from a photo of one of my trips to Margam Park. I chose this image because of the interesting composition of the tree with its massive dominating branch and the ruins of an abbey in the background. I used a dip pen to draw with which was very fun as I haven’t used one in ages and I’m especially happy with how the image turned out because I didn’t draw it out in pencil first.

Picture, Palette, Story Project.

Final Images

This was our first project for the second year and for it we had to create a series of six illustrations of either ‘Bliss’ by Catherine Mansfield, ‘The Hitchhiker’ by Roald Dahl or a story of our own inspired by both. We also had to choose a colour palette inspired by the work of David Hockney of Pablo Picasso. My illustrations are for a story of my own inspired by both ‘Bliss’ and ‘The Hitchhiker’ with a colour palette inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period. The story involves a woman becoming overwhelmed by a feeling of bliss within her so she removes her own heart and buries it. A pear tree then grows from the place where the heart was buried but a thief steals a single pear causing the tree and heart to both wither and die.

The illustrations consist of an quink ink wash background with gouache paint over the top for the main image and detailing. I also used bleach on top of the quink ink to create the light effect in the images. Below is the original image I used for the fifth illustration, depicting a vague figure reaching up to steal a pear from the tree. I agreed with the feedback from our critique that this image didn’t work as well as the others so I replaced it with the simpler image of the hand holding a pear creating a stronger consistency throughout the images.