Life Drawing 09/01/20

My first life drawing of the year happened to feature the same model I drew at my first ever session there which was really nice.
Hopefully I can attend the class more often this year, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Life Drawing 18/07/19

I managed to go to life drawing class last week but completely forgot to post these drawings from a session I attended last summer!
I forgot my regular blue pencil in this session so I just used a regular pencil instead. I remember spending quite a lot of time drawing the faces on these ones so I didn’t actually finish the drawings, however I’m really happy with the faces and quite like the unfinished look to them.

Snow White A Tale of Terror

I recently rewatched ‘Snow White A Tale of Terror’, a dark, more adult adaption of the classic story starring Sigourney Weaver as the wicked stepmother. I really like this film and how it interprets the story and I particularly like Weaver’s performance, especially during the apple scene.
She made up to look like an old hag and because of her height and costume looks very crooked with elongated limbs. I just had to draw it!
If you’re looking for a darker version of the story I would definitely recommend this film especially as I feel like we don’t see these kind of fairy tales in mainstream films.

Life Drawing 21/03/2019

So I’ve now completely caught up with posting my life drawing on here (finally!). This is my most recent session from last month and my third time drawing this model. My regular blue pencil broke as I started drawing so U had to use a HB pencil instead. Interestingly, I find the blue pencil works well for shading but the HB works better for drawing more detail, maybe I could combine the two again