Commission Work

Recently, I was asked by a local author whom I have know most of my life to design a book cover for her upcoming children’s novel. I was so honoured that she wanted me to do this and am sharing the final cover illustration here. I will reveal more about the book and it’s details as it comes closer to completion. I also have some concept sketches I did in preparation for this illustration and will also share them soon!

The Frog Prince

I’ve just submitted my images for the Out of Step Books call for art and this is my final and favourite image of the four. It’s based on the Frog Prince by the Brothers Grimm and initially, I thought it would be the most difficult to paint and was quite unsure of it. However, I’m very pleased with the final outcome of the illustration.

The Serpent

Here is the second image I plan on submitting for Out of Step Books current call for art project. Like the first, it’s based upon the serpent in the Garden of Eden but features a different composition, incorporating more of the tree and scenery. Originally, I had more detail on the serpent but didn’t like how it turned out so toned it down much more. Overall I’m happy with the final piece and prefer it to the first one I did.

The Apple


Recently, I had work my my Wonderland and Selfish Giant projects featured in Out of Step Book’s ‘Enchanted’ book. The book feature fairy and folk tale themed artwork from artists all over the world and anyone can submit work and so it was a great honour to have my work featured. They are running another book project, this time based around reptiles and amphibians and I’ve decided to submit work for it as well. The deadline is at the end of this week and I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish my images in time, however I’ve finished all of my illustrations.
This is the first, one of two inspired by the serpent in Eden. It’s actually my least favourite of the images I’ve made and I’m not entirely happy with the final result, however, with three other illustrations I thought that I may as well submit it. I will post the other two images I’ve made soon and as well as them I am also submitting my dragon illustration which I painted the other week, which can be seen here:

You can also check out Out of Step Books website here:

Night Time Colour Practice

I am currently working on a commission for someone which requires a night time setting atop a cliff. As I am not used to painting night time scenery I thought it would be good to practice and I started painting the medieval style plants I’ve become accustomed to through my Selfish Giant project in my sketchbook. I used quink ink for the dark background colour, before working on top of it with watercolours. I kept to the colours I normally use when painting plants, dark blues and greens, but left out lighter colours like yellow to create more of a night time feel. I found that the combination of a dark background and a lack of light colours really helped to illustrate this. However, I also really like the dark coloured plants against a plain white background and think that that could be interesting to explore further.