Inktober 2016, Day 8

Just a quick one for todays inktober, a group of witches travelling through the woods. I used the last of my black ink for this one but I have ordered more to continue through the month, in the meantime I may use different colour inks or possibly just draw images using a fine liner, I haven’t quite decided yet.


This image was originally intended to be a Christmas card, and I drew the basic shapes of it out months ago but just never got round to painting and finishing it. The other day I cam across the image again and decided I amy as well finish it and upload it here and I’m quite happy with the final result. The image was only A4 so I struggled to include a lot of detail, particularly when painting, but I tried my best with pencil detailing after the paint had dried. The female is based on my design for Winter in my Selfish Giant project, basically the season in human form, and so this give me good practice for my Selfish Giant project in terms of painting winter scenes. Also, as this week’s illustration Friday is ‘Wood’, I’m thinking of submitting this for it.