Inktober Day 30. Scream

I’m a big fan of the Scream movies, and as they’re perfect viewing for Halloween, I thought I may as well include them in my inktober series. So illustrated this image inspired by the famous opening scene of the first movie which features Drew Barrymore.

Inktober Day 24: Legend

Today I’ve been watching Ridley Scott’s Legend (1985) and decided to base today’s inktober on it. Legend is such a great fantasy film and I find the visuals and production design of it amazing and inspiring, and so deicided to paint one of the scenes from the film, choosing the scene where Princess Lily is running through the domain of the Lord of Darkness. I thought this would be a great scene to draw and paint because it would help with composition and lighting and give me the opportunity to paint and draw more freely instead of focusing too much on detail.