The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Has anyone else watch the new Sabrina show on Netflix? I’ve seen loads of great fan art based on it and couldn’t resist painting something myself. I really enjoyed the show and loved the imagery and just ha to replicate it in some way.

Laura Palmer Sketches

Happy New Year everyone! It’s my first post of the year and I’m hoping to bring you a year full of exciting artwork! I have a few things lined up that I need to post on here, some that should have been posted ages ago, But will get round to updating my blog as soon as possible.

For now I have these sketches of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks which I drew late last year. Is anyone else a fan of the show? I painted a illustration of her last year as well which you can see here and my plan was to at some point paint another image of her and I drew these as a kind of warm up to that. However that painting is somewhere in my long list of things to do and I never quit visualised it ideally in my mind so Don’t know if/when I’ll get round to doing it.

The idea to paint a second image of here came about when I was watching the 2017 continuation of the series, Twin Peaks: The Return, and while also reading ‘The Secret Dairy of Laura Palmer’ by Jennifer Lynch. The series has such striking visuals and that I love the idea of trying to represent it within a painting, so I will hopefully produce something else based around it soon!

Twin Peaks Fan Art

I first watched Twin Peaks about two years ago and really enjoyed it and am currently in the middle of rewatching it in preparation for the revival series this spring which I am very excited for! The series features some amazing imagery and I have seen amazing art inspired by the series and wanted to draw something based around the series myself.

I choose to paint the Red Room in the Black Lodge as the visual imagery is very bold, striking and surreal and I thought it would be both fun and challenging to depict. I also wanted to include Laura Palmer in the foreground as so much of the series revolves around her.

Originally, i had drawn the floor at a different angle, but as I began to paint it, the pattern looked very odd and it became quite frustrating to work on. So, I eventually decided to start the floor over again and simply it more be making it look more flatter and painting the pattern straight onto the image rather than playing around with angles.

I didn’t quite get it completely right, but by this point I have used quite a few layers of paint and it was beginning to crack so I therefore decided to just finish it as it is. Over all I don’t think it looks too bad as the imagery is very surreal anyway, I feel that this only adds to that.

Is anyone else a fan of Twin Peaks and as excited for the new series as I am?

Inktober Day 24: Legend

Today I’ve been watching Ridley Scott’s Legend (1985) and decided to base today’s inktober on it. Legend is such a great fantasy film and I find the visuals and production design of it amazing and inspiring, and so deicided to paint one of the scenes from the film, choosing the scene where Princess Lily is running through the domain of the Lord of Darkness. I thought this would be a great scene to draw and paint because it would help with composition and lighting and give me the opportunity to paint and draw more freely instead of focusing too much on detail.