Ariel Digital Drawing

I’m not doing loads for Mermay this year, but I did draw Ariel for Disney’s The Little Mermaid on my iPad and am sharing it for the challenge. I’ve got a few more Ariel drawings I’ve been working on but I don’t know if I’ll finish them all this month.
I am sharing some older mermay drawings on my instagram if you’d like to see them there.

Instagram: @scottkeenanillo

Under the Wisteria

I started drawing this last year, after becoming inspired by the wisteria growing in my aunt’s garden. I just imagined fairies flying though around it.
I originally envisioned the woman to be a fairy queen, but she didn’t really turn out to fae like in the end so I’ll leave it up to the viewer to decide.

Vasilisa Digital Painting

Based on the Russian fairy tale, this is another coloured version of an inktober drawing from last year. I finished this a while ago now but have just forgotten to post it until now.
I hope everyone is stay safe during this stressful time. I’m a key worker at the moment so I’m not producing as much art as I’d like to but I’ve got a few things I finished before the pandemic which I’ll be sure too share.

Cinderella Digital Painting

I’ve been digitally colouring some of my inktober drawings from last year using Procreate. I actually finished this cinderella one last year but have made a few small changes, mainly to the background and carriage. The colour palette for this was inspired by the Walt Disney animated film.
I’m really enjoying using Procreate to paint I would love to do it more and properly explore different techniques and styles.