Mermay Day 31

Just a little late, but here is my final mermay image! I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this drawing challenge this year, it’s been really fun and challenging. It’s also been amazing to see other artists’ different interpretations of mermaids.

Mermay Day 30

Heres my 30th image for mermay all finished! I really wanted to illustrated a group of mermaids or sirens luring sailors at some point during the mermay challenge and left that till the penultimate image.
I didn’t add as much detail as I would have initially like due to running out of time, but overall I’m happy with the final result. I’m unsure whether or not I will be able to finish my final image in time to post it for the final day of the challenge, but if not will certainly post it when it is finished!

Mermay Day 29

Just finished this painting in time for day 29. It’s an illustration of the little mermaid’s garden featuring her marble statue from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.
I knew I would likely draw something relating to The Little Mermaid story for mermay and have always liked the description of her underwater garden with the marble statue and red weeping willow and I have actually painted a small ink drawing of the same scene previously.
I found painting the underwater scene easier in this image than I did for my previous mermay illustration and I think a big help was having a background wash constituting of blues, greens, and purples, to help create some depth.
However as I am working on a time limit, I didn’t go into much detail with the garden and is plants and focused my attention more on the little mermaid and her statue.

Mermay Day 19

Another A5 watercolour I painted for day 19 of mermay, this time of a mermaid sitting on a rock. This was fun to paint and good practice for painting things emerging from water, this case being the mermaids tail, which can be quite difficult I think because the colour has to be slightly different or the image itself slightly distorted.
I really like the mix of green and yellow for this mermaid and think I may trying using more brighter and bolder colours for upcoming mermaids.

Mermay Day 18

Sorry I haven’t posted more mermay images sooner. I am keeping up with the challenge, just have been slow posting them here, I do have most of them on my instagram account though and I will post a link below.
As I have been working on singular mermaids in my sketchbook for most of the month, I’ve anted to paint more scenes with mermaids and have begun with the A5 watercolour painting. I’m hoping to do more scenes for the remainder of the month but that depends on how much I can get done in one day.


Mermay Day 16

This is one image I kind of made up as I went along. I was playing around with the idea of a more humanoid mermaid with legs covered in scales and fins rather than a tail, but she could also be a water nymph or siren, maybe even a mermaid halfway transforming into a human. I guess its up to viewers to decide for themselves.

Mermay Day 11

A merman for day 11 of mermay. Generally I find males tricker to draw than females and this also applies to merpeople, however I thought it would be good practice to draw a merman and would also help keep my drawings for mermay fresh and exciting by drawing something other than traditional mermaids, even though they are very fun to draw.

Mermay Day 10

For Day 10 of mermay I drew The Little Mermaid statue from Copenhagen, but as is she were really and wasn’t a statue. This was a fun image to play around with watercolours and using them to bleed into each other to create the effects of scales against skin.
Interestingly, the statue of the mermaid appears to have two tails rather than one, something which I have seen in depictions of mermaids but for but it doesn’t seem to be very common.
Also, I don’t really know what the statue is holding in her hands, I thought it was maybe seaweed but if anyone does know what it is please let me know!