Mermay Day 28

This is the painting I finished for day 28 of mermay. It was actually meant for an earlier day and I started the painting a while ago but just left it in favour of other pieces of work, however since mermay is nearly over I thought I might as well finish it as part of the challenge.

I had difficulty with the piece from when I started and I think I became quite bored with it, the most difficult part for me was painting a convincing sea floor. I wanted to have something that was quite fantasy like and colourful but also easily identifiable for what it is and I’m still not too happy with the final outcome, but it has been good practice for painting the bottom of the ocean as I have been struggling with that.

There are only two more days of mermay left and I am already working on my final two images for the challenge, but they are quite large paintings so I’m not entirely sure if I’ll finish them in time. If not I’ll just post a cropped or work in progress version and will then upload the completed images whenever they are finished.

Mermay Day 26

My second glowing mermaid, made once again using quink ink and bleach. This one didn’t turn out as well as the other one because the paper I used for it wasn’t as good as the paper I used for the first one and so the bleach began to wear at the paper, however I think I managed to fix up most of it using some watercolours.