Exhibiting Work

At the end of last year, I had the amazing honour of exhibiting my work as part to the Winter Exhibition at The Albany Gallery in Cardiff. A friend and fellow artist has been massively helpful with me achieving this and it wouldn’t have been possible without him.

I’ve never really though much about exhibiting my work before as I have only a small amount of experience with it and have only really thought of my work appearing in printed media. However this experience has been so great that I’d definitely like to continue exhibiting and I’ve even sold work through the gallery which is amazing!

My friend, Dai David, helped me with framing and displaying my work and showed me a great and useful process on how to do it, something which I haven’t had experience with doing before and feel more confident with doing as a result. I’ve included pictures of the process of my work being framed as I have no pictures of the actual work displayed in the gallery.

This show is still up at The Albany Gallery until the 13th of January and I will leave a link below to their website where you can see my work as well as all the other amazing artists who’ve taken part in the show. I will also leave a link to Dai David’s website where you can see his amazing landscape paintings for yourself!

The Albany Gallery Website

Dai David’s Website


Laura Palmer Sketches

Happy New Year everyone! It’s my first post of the year and I’m hoping to bring you a year full of exciting artwork! I have a few things lined up that I need to post on here, some that should have been posted ages ago, But will get round to updating my blog as soon as possible.

For now I have these sketches of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks which I drew late last year. Is anyone else a fan of the show? I painted a illustration of her last year as well which you can see here and my plan was to at some point paint another image of her and I drew these as a kind of warm up to that. However that painting is somewhere in my long list of things to do and I never quit visualised it ideally in my mind so Don’t know if/when I’ll get round to doing it.

The idea to paint a second image of here came about when I was watching the 2017 continuation of the series, Twin Peaks: The Return, and while also reading ‘The Secret Dairy of Laura Palmer’ by Jennifer Lynch. The series has such striking visuals and that I love the idea of trying to represent it within a painting, so I will hopefully produce something else based around it soon!

Book of Portraits, Part 48: Snow White’s Adriana Caselotti

Continuing the Snow White theme today, I’ve drawn Adriana Caselotti who voiced Snow White in the 1937 Disney animated film. I’ve also drawn Marge Champion, the live action reference for Snow White, which you can see here.

As with the previous drawings, these were great fun to draw and also very useful in terms of practice as her face is so expressive, giving me something more challenging to work on. As with Marge Champion, I used promotional photos of Adriana Caselotti as a reference for these drawings, two of them even featured her wearing a Snow White costume.

Book of Portraits, Part 47: Snow White’s Marge Champion

This year is the 80th anniversary of the release of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was released in 1937! It’s always been one of my favourites, and I even used it as a case study in my dissertation.

I really wanted to produce some artwork in honour of the anniversary, and was intending to paint something but just haven’t managed to find the time. Instead, I decided to draw some portraits inspired by the film in my sketchbook, the first set being of Marge Champion who was the live action reference model for Snow White.

I used a few promotional photos of Marge Champion in a Snow White costume as reference for my drawings and they were great practice for me because of the more unconventional poses and the expressive faces.

Book of Portraits, Part 46: Actors and Actresses

Its been ages since I’ve posted any work from my continuous portrait sketchbook and I’ve actually been working on these drawings since August, but have only recently finished them since I have been too busy with other things. I have managed to fill over half of my current portrait sketchbook in the mean time though.

I do like to work in my portrait book as regularly as possible but haven’t been able to find the time for it over the past few months, I have however drawn some other portraits in time for a certain anniversary this month which I will post on that day.

I have drawn these actors and actress quite a few times before, mainly for projects during my time at university which you can see here, here and here. I thought it would be great fun to see how much my drawing has developed by drawing the same people that I have previously drawn, and I thought it was a fitting subject for reaching the half way point of my sketchbook.

Marissa Meyer’s Renegades Competition

A few weeks ago I entered a competition for Marissa Meyer’s new book ‘Renegades’, which is about super heroes and villains. For the competition, you had to invent either your or here or villain (or someone in-between) and if you one first place you could have your character featured in the sequel!

Although I didn’t win, I had great fun coming up with a character for the contest. Her name is Enaid Jones, her alias is Apathia and her superpower is the ability to feel and read other people’s emotions and the ability to also manipulate them.

Her suit changes colour depending on the emotion she is currently reading/feeling but as a result of her power she often lacks emotion/empathy of her own. I imagined her as neither a hero or villain, but someone who could potentially be used as a powerful weapon by a super villain before she finds her own path in life.

Life Drawing 16/11/17

This week was the first time I’ve been life drawing in two weeks now and it was so good to get back into it. I missed the first few minutes of the session so only managed to participate in one 5 minute pose, but I did get to draw two 30 minute poses.

It was another male model this time and so it was great to draw a different body type, something which I think is very beneficial if you go to a session often. I once again used a blue pencil to draw these and even though I would like to try something different I just love working this way for life drawings so will probably continue to do so. I’m pleased with how these drawings turned out, particularly the faces and especially the profile one.

Social Media

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Here is a list of other social media sites that I am involved with and post artwork on. I’ve noticed theres a great art based community on these sites, twitter for example has weekly art challenges, and it would be great to know if anyone here has accounts on these sites and that way we can connect over several sites!