Colour Collective, Ruby Fairy

Just a quick sketch of a fairy I did a few weeks ago for Colour Collective on Twitter which I forgot to post on here. I actually used a pose from one of my life drawing sessions as a reference for this drawing.


Life Drawing 26/10/17

I haven’t drawn a male model in a long time, and always find it more tricky than a female model, so this life drawing session was great practice for me. I don’t know if it”s because of the different shapes, but males I often find more difficult to draw and with these drawings I found myself taking my time more than I normally do with life drawing.

30 and 45 Minutes

Once again I stayed for most of the session this time which resulted in a few five minute poses, two thirty minute poses and a forty five minute pose. I even tried to incorporate some of the model’s reflection into my drawing. One of the five monte poses I could not fit onto the same page as the other two and also ran out of time to work much detail into it, so I may work back into it at some point.

5 Minutes

Life Drawing 19/10/17

These drawings are from the 19th of October, and this time I managed to stay for most of the session, meaning I got to draw an extra pose unlike my previous sessions.
We once again started with a few five minute poses before moving onto two thirty auntie poses and concluding with an hour pose. I did have to leave a bit early to catch my train home so I spent about forty five minutes on the final pose.
I was really great to stay for most of the session, however I do find it difficult drawing a pose for a full hour and wonder if I would prefer to draw a few separate, shorter poses instead.
Also, I think I really messed up the proportions of the standing pose, the head looks far to small too me, mind you it is at an odd angle.

Life Drawing 12/10/17

My blog the past month has consisted of all of my inktober images, but while doing them I’ve also been life drawing a few times.
These images are from a session a few weeks ago and I stayed for the first half of the session, during which I once again drew a few five minute poses and two thirty minute poses.
I will post the rest of my life drawings throughout the week!

Inktober Day 31. The End

It’s a little late, but here is my final inktober image for 2017!
I originally didn’t know what I was going to do for the final image, but finally decided to create another poster, mirroring my first image, but this time including all of the circus characters that I have been drawing throughout the month.
It’s been great fun once again taking part in inktober this year, and hopefully I can do it again next year!