Mermay 2018 Day 26

Like yesterday, this image is another piece for a larger painting for today’s mermay. I’m planning on posting the full image tomorrow for day 27!


Mermay 2018 Day 25

Not long now till the end of Mermay, it’s gone so quick! Today’s mermaid is part of a larger painting I’m working on, one of two paintings which are both A2 in size and are taking me bit more time to finish.

Mermay 2018 Day 24

I’ve been seeing a video doing the rounds on social media of an art technique involving ink and a piece of string. The string is dipped into the ink and then placed on paper or in a book in a curving shape with a piece of it hanging over the edge.
Something is then placed on top of the paper, or the book is closed, and the string is then removed creating a really interesting pattern. After seeing this, I thought it would be great to try and used this for mermay and here I’ve used that technique to create the mermaids tail. I was quite tricky to get it done but hopefully with a bit more practice I’ll get better at it.

Mermay 2018 Day 21

I wanted to continue the more fish like appearance for todays mermaid, as I’ve done for the previous two, so once again I used more colour to represent scales covering almost her entire body. I do think that the purple colour makes her look more magical, especially compared to the green and blue mermen who have a more natural fish look to them.