Snow White A Tale of Terror

I recently rewatched ‘Snow White A Tale of Terror’, a dark, more adult adaption of the classic story starring Sigourney Weaver as the wicked stepmother. I really like this film and how it interprets the story and I particularly like Weaver’s performance, especially during the apple scene.
She made up to look like an old hag and because of her height and costume looks very crooked with elongated limbs. I just had to draw it!
If you’re looking for a darker version of the story I would definitely recommend this film especially as I feel like we don’t see these kind of fairy tales in mainstream films.

Marissa Meyer’s Renegades Competition

A few weeks ago I entered a competition for Marissa Meyer’s new book ‘Renegades’, which is about super heroes and villains. For the competition, you had to invent either your or here or villain (or someone in-between) and if you one first place you could have your character featured in the sequel!

Although I didn’t win, I had great fun coming up with a character for the contest. Her name is Enaid Jones, her alias is Apathia and her superpower is the ability to feel and read other people’s emotions and the ability to also manipulate them.

Her suit changes colour depending on the emotion she is currently reading/feeling but as a result of her power she often lacks emotion/empathy of her own. I imagined her as neither a hero or villain, but someone who could potentially be used as a powerful weapon by a super villain before she finds her own path in life.

Fairyland Wall Commission Sketches

Over the last couple of weeks, two friends and fellow illustrators and I have been working on a wall mural as part of a community project in an area of Neath called Fairyland. Due to the area’s name, we have been painting a mural of a fairy tale themed land consisting of lots of traditional and familiar fairy tale motifs.

Here are some of my ideas for images to put on the wall that I contributed to the project. We keep it quite simple and familiar with images of fairies and fairy houses, trees with faces, princesses and unicorns as well as dragons. The wall itself is rather large and long so we had to come up with a design that would stretch over the entire wall. Also, as the wall is slightly sloped and is narrower and shorter on one end, we really had to work with different scales than any of us are used to.

The wall has been taking is a few weeks to complete, mainly due to work schedules and the unpredictable weather, however, we are getting close to finishing it and I have some progress pictures of the wall which I will be sharing very soon.

The Lunar Chronicles: Winter

‘Winter’ is the fourth book in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series, which retells famous fairy tales in a sci-fi setting, and it is based on ‘Snow White’. These are sketches of two of the main characters from the novel, Princess Winter, who is based on Snow White, and Jain Clay who is based on the prince and the huntsman. These are the last of my character sketches for The Lunar Chronicles, however I am hoping to do some more artwork inspired by the series soon.