Mermay 2018 Day 21

I wanted to continue the more fish like appearance for todays mermaid, as I’ve done for the previous two, so once again I used more colour to represent scales covering almost her entire body. I do think that the purple colour makes her look more magical, especially compared to the green and blue mermen who have a more natural fish look to them.


Mermay 2018 Day 20

I’m continuing the more fish like appear for this merman on day 20, and I’ve also used a recent life drawing as a basis for the pose. I decided to go with a bluer merman to differentiate him from yesterdays green one, but still continued to cover him with scales and other fish like features.

Mermay 2018 Day 14

Like yesterday, this mermaid is also part of a larger painting which I’m hoping to have finished by the end of this month. I used one of my life drawings to create the pose of the mermaid leaning on rock, and have used a few other poses to draw the other mermaids for this painting. I will be uploading another mermaid from this mermaid tomorrow but you will have to wait till the end of the month to see them all together!

Mermay 2018 Day 12

For day 12 of mermay, I’ve continued to use a dark background with a Siamese Fighting Fish mermaid in the foreground. These continue to be fun to draw and paint because of their flowing fins but I would like to try and explore so much options and once we’re not even halfway through the month yet, so I have plenty of time.