Fairyland Wall

Last summer, me and two friends, who both studied illustration with me, were commission to paint a wall mural in Fairyland, Neath with a fairy tale theme. I posted sketches and ideas for the wall ages ago but will leave a link to that post here:


Over several weeks, we worked together to create this wall mural, using classical fairy tale themed imagery, like unicorns, fairies, mermaids and dragons to create the mural. The photos I’ve included were taken over all of these weeks and show our progress.

I personally worked mainly on the forest area and the mermaids and unicorn. I also added famous fairy tale motifs to the forest area like Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house, Rapunzel’s Tower, Red Riding Hood, the wicked witch from Snow White, and various mushroom houses.

Due to time restraints, as all three of us work, and weather conditions, we never actually completed the wall. I was only really small details that needed to be finished, the entire wall is painted, but it did need a few more details added.

Despite this, the wall mural was a great opportunity for us, as we got to work on a much bigger scale than we are used to and with different mediums than our usual ones. It was also great to work on something that would be included in a community and will be there for a long time.


Hafan Cymru Angel

Hafan Cymru is a Welsh charity association that primarily supports people suffering from domestic abuse. A friend of mine works for the company and asked me to design a Christmas image for them, something which I very happy to do. I decided to use an angel for the image, not only to represent a traditional Christmas theme, but also a guardian angel, something which I thought would be suitable to the charity.

You can learn more about Hafan Cymru and their work on their website and Facebook page:



Fairyland Wall Commission Sketches

Over the last couple of weeks, two friends and fellow illustrators and I have been working on a wall mural as part of a community project in an area of Neath called Fairyland. Due to the area’s name, we have been painting a mural of a fairy tale themed land consisting of lots of traditional and familiar fairy tale motifs.

Here are some of my ideas for images to put on the wall that I contributed to the project. We keep it quite simple and familiar with images of fairies and fairy houses, trees with faces, princesses and unicorns as well as dragons. The wall itself is rather large and long so we had to come up with a design that would stretch over the entire wall. Also, as the wall is slightly sloped and is narrower and shorter on one end, we really had to work with different scales than any of us are used to.

The wall has been taking is a few weeks to complete, mainly due to work schedules and the unpredictable weather, however, we are getting close to finishing it and I have some progress pictures of the wall which I will be sharing very soon.


Recently, I was commissioned by Hanan Levin to create a piece of artwork inspired by his daughter Adora. Hanna commissions artist all over the world to create art inspired by his daughter and has been doing this since she was born. I thought that this project was so unique and charming and would be great to contribute to so I was happy to produce something to be a part of it. I eventually decided to create a medieval style image of Adora, similar to some of my previous medieval-eque work, and you can see the final image above.

Here are some links to Adora’s and Hanan’s websites which feature amazing and varied artwork, and where you can find out more information about the project. Be sure to check them out!




Commission Work

Recently, I was asked by a local author whom I have know most of my life to design a book cover for her upcoming children’s novel. I was so honoured that she wanted me to do this and am sharing the final cover illustration here. I will reveal more about the book and it’s details as it comes closer to completion. I also have some concept sketches I did in preparation for this illustration and will also share them soon!

Commission for The Caravan Magazine

I recently had the amazing oppoutunity to do my first ever commission. It was for a portrait of Ivan Minayev for ‘The Caravan’magazine. I was so happy and greatful for this oppourtunity as I was perfect for me due to it involving drawing a portrait image, something which I have been developing over the past year. As well as this I had the oppoutunity to discuss ideas with the commissioner and gained experience and knowledge from this.