The Romanovs Sketchbook I

Next month will mark the 100th anniversary of the deaths of the Romanov family, and as you may know from my blog, I’m very interested in the family and have drawn them multiple times.
Due to the anniversary coming up, I’ve decided to create more art in honour of it, starting with these portraits. I normally draw portraits in an A5 sketchbook, but for the Romanovs I’ve decided to start a sketchbook dedicated to portraits of them.

I’ve started with Nicholas and Alexandra and continued to draw each of they’re children, the two eldest Olga and Tatiana being above. I’ve drawn these in an A4 sketchbook in order to add more detail to the portraits as I sometimes struggle to in an A5 sketchbook.

Above are the two middle children, Maria and Anastasia, and below the youngest, Alexei. Even though I’ve drawn these with the intention of including more detail, I on times found it difficult to expand my drawings and ending drawing them quite small, small enough to have fit in an A5 sketchbook ironically.

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