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The links and a bit about Scott is already in the post itself, so why don’t you have a read through the following and learn about his crazy concepts…

soapbox-press-a-mad-tea-party-scott-keenan-2015 A Mad Tea Party

My name is Scott and I’m a recent graduate from Cardiff School of Art and Design and currently live in a small village in South Wales.

From a small age I have always loved drawing as well as storytelling and picture books, all of which has had a great impact on my work. I’ve also been fascinated with fantasy, folk and fairy tales from a young age and often find myself exploring similar themes within my work. A more recent visual inspiration, which greatly developed during my time at university, is medieval artwork and paintings.  A visual style that is definitely present within a lot of my own paintings, and something which I am constantly developing and exploring as it…

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