Fairyland Wall Commission Sketches

Over the last couple of weeks, two friends and fellow illustrators and I have been working on a wall mural as part of a community project in an area of Neath called Fairyland. Due to the area’s name, we have been painting a mural of a fairy tale themed land consisting of lots of traditional and familiar fairy tale motifs.

Here are some of my ideas for images to put on the wall that I contributed to the project. We keep it quite simple and familiar with images of fairies and fairy houses, trees with faces, princesses and unicorns as well as dragons. The wall itself is rather large and long so we had to come up with a design that would stretch over the entire wall. Also, as the wall is slightly sloped and is narrower and shorter on one end, we really had to work with different scales than any of us are used to.

The wall has been taking is a few weeks to complete, mainly due to work schedules and the unpredictable weather, however, we are getting close to finishing it and I have some progress pictures of the wall which I will be sharing very soon.