Inktober Day 14. The Courtship of Mr Lyon

Another illustration inspired by a story from Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’. As mentioned in yesterdays post, I originally intented this to be the image for day 13 but I really didn’t like the direction the image was taking with the colour and so decided to start over today just using quink ink. I much prefer the quink ink to the colour as I feel it captures the story better and I thinkthe colours of the inks were far to bright. I have included the rough first image below just to highlight the difference.

Inktober Day 13. The Tiger’s Bride

I originally intented to illustrate a scene from Angela Carter’s ‘The Courtship of Mr Lyon’, however the image really wasn’t working how I wanted it to, so instead I illustrated a scene from Carter’s ‘The Tiger’s Bride’. Despite the simplicity of the image, I’m really happy with it, particularly the colour, which is what I was having trouble with in the original image.