Inktober Day 18: The Erl King

Inspired by another Angela Carter story, ‘The Erl King’, also featured in ‘The Bloody Chamber’. I’m not entirely happy with this image, I imagined it quite differently in my head, but it’s only for another day of inktober and I’m hoping to illustrate the remaining stories from the Bloody Chamber for part of inktober.

Inktober Day 14. The Courtship of Mr Lyon

Another illustration inspired by a story from Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’. As mentioned in yesterdays post, I originally intented this to be the image for day 13 but I really didn’t like the direction the image was taking with the colour and so decided to start over today just using quink ink. I much prefer the quink ink to the colour as I feel it captures the story better and I thinkthe colours of the inks were far to bright. I have included the rough first image below just to highlight the difference.

Inktober Day 13. The Tiger’s Bride

I originally intented to illustrate a scene from Angela Carter’s ‘The Courtship of Mr Lyon’, however the image really wasn’t working how I wanted it to, so instead I illustrated a scene from Carter’s ‘The Tiger’s Bride’. Despite the simplicity of the image, I’m really happy with it, particularly the colour, which is what I was having trouble with in the original image.