Inktober Day 22. Wolf-Alice

This is the final image for Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, at least for inktober. It’s based upon the final story featured in the book, ‘Wolf-Alice’, which features a feral child raised by wolves who slowly discovers her humanity with the help of a mirror. This is the theme I wanted to focus on for image and so illustrated Wolf-Alice looking into the mirror with wolves in the bakcground to represent her animalistic nature. I really struggled with this image, firstly with drawing a feral, wild looking girl and secondly the composition. Originally I had a different composition for the image, which can be seen below, but I just didn’t like how that turned out and so quickly came up with the image above. However, by this time I had run out of watercolour paper and so had to draw and paint the image in my sketchbook and unfortunately the ink doesn’t work as well on the sketchbook paper.

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