Book of Portraits Part 16: Family Members II

It’s been a while since I last upadted my blog as things have been pretty hectic since finishing University. I am continuing to develop my practice and will continue to update my blog as I do so, as well as this I may post about my degree show exhibition at soem point just to show how I set up my work. For now here is a quick post featuring some recent images I made based on old family photos. Unfortunately I do not know who most of the people on the original photos are as there are no names written on the photos and they are also very old and some damaged. Despite this I have included titles for the images featuring people who I do know. Drawing these has helped continue to develop my drawing skills as well as challenge it as some of the images were particularly difficult to draw due to how dark and/or worn the original photos were and so some quess work had to be done on my part.


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