The Selfish Giant: The Child

Over Easter I decided to paint one of my Selfish Giant images so that I could get an idea of what they could look like as a set of illustrations. The illustration depicts a scene near the end of the story where the Giant discovers the child in his garden and due to the religious tone of the scene I based it upon the religious imagery I have been researching. The process involved a lot of layering of watercolour and gouache, creating the desired colours and look and afterworks I worked back into the image with pencil and gold and silver ink to create detail. I am extremely happy with the outcome of this images and it has motivated me to balance my projects and to finish painting the other images as well.

6 thoughts on “The Selfish Giant: The Child

  1. rhiannon

    Hi I am running a community drama club for young 5-9 year olds in our area. They don’t pay, it is voluntary donations only and is run out of our local church. We are doing a musical of the Selfish Giant at the weekend. Would you give me permission to use this artwork on the cover of a little programme I would like to make with all the children’s names in?
    I would of course credit you and your website in the programme?
    Warm regards

      1. rhiannon

        Yes. When I say programme, it is not for sale or anything. It is something that will be put on our church seats. We expect about 40 parents to come and about 20 members of church to see it. It is a way of showing who is in the play, so the children can take pride in their part. Your image is beautiful and would make a stunning addition. We are doing it this Sunday. It will be online or anything. I will also probably need to do it in black and white to save costs of photocopying! I think it is a lovely image x

  2. rhiannon

    I am not sure whether my last message worked. Could i possibly use this artwork for the programme cover I am making to accompany a little community drama project I am running. We are putting on a little show of this, the selfish giant. The kids are 5-9 years old and don’t pay – just voluntary contributions. It would be great to use the artwork and quote you or your website inside?

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