Book of Portraits Part 13: The Romanovs IV

Another set of Romanov drawings including images of Olga, Tatiana, Alexandra and Alexei, Rasptuin and Nicholas. As with the previous post, I think the combination of ink with pencil has worked very well and I really love the final outcome of the two images above. The watered down ink really helps to illustrated movement within the clothing and this is a technique I am using for my Alice project and the depiction of my verision of the Alice character.

As well as the illustrations above, I have been continuing to draw with a blue pencil and I think that these two images are succesful and I am happy with them. Unfortunately, I’m not that happy with the regular pencil sketch below or the ink drawing I attempted of Alexei, however it’s all just a part of my continuing development and it just displays things that I need to develop more if I want to improve them for the future.

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