Book of Portraits Part 12: The Romanovs III

This is a continuation of the Romanov portraits I have been working on and again I have been using similar materials and also combining them. I really like the combination of the ink and the pencil and think that this is workign the best out of all the portraits that I have ben working on. The contrast between the detial of the pencil and the bleeding of the ink used for clothes is quite striking in my opioion and I enjoy working in this way. The set includes illustrations of the Tsar’s two middle daughters Tatiana and Maria, a group image of all the sisters, the Tsar’s son Alexei and finally the infamous Grigori Rasptuin who played a big role in the life of the family.

As well as these images I have also continued working with blue pencil as well as regular pencil. I don;t like these images as much but I did find them more difficult to draw and for the group images I think I would need to work bigger in order to acheieve the desired result. I do however quite like the quick and rough pencil sketches below and also enjoy working rather quickly with the pencil and so this is something I could develop more.

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