Alice Development Part 5

I’ve been continuing to compose my images for the Alice project and have drawn a number of thumbnails so that I can plan out what goes where in what image. I have taken inspiration from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and my research into the Romanov family and the Russian Revolution in order to draw these compositions and the final result will hopefully be a reflection upon both of these subjects. Some of the images are more relevant to Alice, such as Alice’s rapid growing, while others like the Faberge egg and the house surrounded by soldiers are more applicable to the Romanovs. Despite this, I do think that overall they are all very relevant to all that I have been researching and this is once of the main aims of the project.

I’ve also included other images I have worked very quickly on as they also show the development of my composition ideas as well as the development of my character studies. As well as this, below are very rough composition ideas which I cam up with and am currently in the middle of developing for my final illustrations.


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