Finding Anastasia

After watching Russia’s Lost Princesses, I wanted to explore more documentaries on the Romanovs for my research and came across a National Geographic one titled Finding Anastasia ON YouTube. The documentary followed a group of scientists as they worked towards the DNA testing of two Romanov remains which had been missing until 2007. Due to the remains being missing for nearly a century, there was a lot of confusion with what actually happened the night of the Romanov’s murders and there has been speculation about a survivor throughout the 20th century, most notable with Anastasia who became a myth or legend due to the speculation.

Making more connections between the Romanovs and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I began to think of Alice and Anastasia as similar in some ways in that they both had a big part on popular culture and fiction. Alice is a household name and iconic figure and Anastasia arguably became something similar due to the constant rumours of her survival as well as famous imposters who claimed to be her. Despite the rumours, all of the Romanovs have been accounted for and are now martyrs after being canonized. Like the previous documentary, I wrote notes as well as drew a few quick rough images based on images from the documentary, though not as much as last time and I have included them in this post.

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