Manorbier and Tenby

Yesterday I attended a trip with my course to Manorbier and Tenby and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We started our journey witnessing the solar eclipse before arriving at Manorbier Castle to begin our coastal walk to Tenby town. We had a quick look around the castle before moving on to the beach and exploring that a bit and collecting rocks and shells. Even though we only saw a small part of it, I really enjoyed looking around the castle and thought that it was a great opportunity for my personal research as I have been looking at castles in my Selfish Giant project.

We then began our walk to Tenby up along the cliff and costal paths, giving us amazing views of the landscape and coast. At times the path was quite difficult due to the terrain but the walk was thoroughly enjoyable and as well as witnessing the amazing views of the Welsh coast, we ran into wild horses and ponies. We continued the journey through changing landscapes such as caravan parks and moorlands before finally arriving at Tenby beach where we could see the picturesque town in the distance. I’m not sure how many miles we had walked altogether; the walk took up most of the day but did not seem to take too long as time seemed to pass rather quickly, probably because we were all enjoying ourselves.

When we arrived at Tenby town we all had a little wander in small groups and got to really explore the town, unfortunately my phone had begun to run out of battery at this point so I don’t have many pictures of the town, despite this, the exploration of the town was very enjoyable. The town is very colourful and quaint with lots of small alleyways to explore, we were particularly fond of a tiny bookshop which had stacks of books which covered the walls. I didn’t manage to get any drawing done while on the trip, however I really want to make some images based on the photos I had taken and will post them when I have finished them.


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