The Selfish Giant: Colour Development

For the colouring process of my Selfish Giant project, i tried out a few different things inspired by the research I had done. Firstly, I drew some images of medieval patterns, arches and pillars using a dip pen and sepia ink, a process which I used in my original Selfish Giant project. I did this in order to get any idea of what the work may possibly look like if it were outlined with sepia ink, something which I don’t think I would use for the entire illustration and may just use for the detailing of certain areas such as the faces and hands of the characters.

I then began working on possible colour ideas for the illustration, focusing mainly on the plants of the Giant’s garden as I believe they would have the most variety of colour. I looked at a number of different images in order to achieve a certain colour palette, including, the artwork of William Morris, Persian manuscripts I had seen at an exhibition in Oxford, European folk art and medieval art. I used the colours as well as the style of these different influences in order to achieve the desired look.

At this point, I had begun looking at the work of Fra Angelico and was very inspired by the way he had painted the scenery in many of his paintings and wanted to explore this way of working myself. I started with a dark blue, green colour for the background before painting on top of it with yellows, greens and oranges to create the look of grass, flowers and plants. I think this look is my favourite of all the colour experiments I had done, however I think in order for it to be more effective the base colour needs to very flat and not streaky like how some of them turned out. The very first image in this post I my favourite and is closest to the look I would like to achieve, however, I think I could also try combining some of the other ideas with this one in order to create a more luscious, enchanted garden for the Giant.

2 thoughts on “The Selfish Giant: Colour Development

  1. Lovely explorations and process. I like the first one too. Indian minature art though from another culture, has a lot of enchanted and walled gardens too. May I ask what ‘the selfish giant’ project is?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I really need to do so more research into Indian miniature art, I have seen some but could do with a more in depth look. It’s part of a project I have been working on over the last couple of months which involves illustrating Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale, ‘The Selfish Giant’. All of my development work for the project so far has been uploaded on here.

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