Dyffryn House and Gardens Sketches and Paintings

Here a some of the sketches and ink paintings I did after visiting Dyffryn House and Gardens. The brief for the live project involved illustrating what the house could have been like when the Cory family were living in it, as there is not much known about it. I originally wanted to take part in the project and started working on it over the Christmas holidays, however with dissertation and my on going projects I found it difficult to fit this project in and so decided not to take part in it. Despite this, I did some work in my sketchbooks inspired by the house and have included it in this post. I started with some simple pencil drawings before moving on to some quink ink paintings. I happy with most of the images but I think some could be improved. I found drawing and painting some of the architecture rather difficult and wasn’t too happy with the final result, however this is only rough sketchbook work and was intended to be experimentation and practice. I more happy with the drawings and paintings of the statues from the grounds but still enjoyed drawing the house and its features as well. I’m also pleased with the quink ink paintings, especially the colours as I think they help capture the big and empty atmosphere of the house and they remind me of old photographs. I achieved this look by drawing the images out first, before then painting over them with water and applying the in in some areas and letting it bleed and run through the water.


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