The Selfish Giant: Composition Ideas

Here are some composition ideas from my Selfish Giant project, drawn in my sketchbook with graphite pencils. These compositions took me quite a while to get right, however I’m really happy with the final result and was pleased to receive positive feedback on them from my tutors as well. I used a variety of inspiration for these compositions, all taken from my research into medieval manuscripts and illumination as well as religious icons and paintings, and I have illustrated some of the key scenes from the story. I really played around with the use of nature and architecture in relation to the characters in my compositions, using many resources from the places I have visited as part of my research for this project, and I am pleased with the final result.

Even though I was very happy overall with these compositions, especially since I really took my time with them, there was a few that I wanted to tweak a bit and so I redid some of them which can be seen below. I think I prefer these ones mostly, but I’m still not too sure about The Wall image so I may end up creating a combination of the two different versions. Overall though I have really enjoyed this part of the project and feel like I’m definitely starting to find myself within my work and am a lot more comfortable with how I am working, my next step however is to begin applying colour to my work, and this is something that I also really want to get right and spend quite a bit of time on.

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