This year we have set up a Zine Society as well as our Illustration Society, and our first zine was Halloween based and titled ‘Hallowzine’. For the image that I wanted to submit, I wished to explore witchcraft, particularly in the time period of the Salem Witch trials. I wanted to keep the mages quite simple yet effective but struggled with how dark I wanted them to be. I played around with the idea of having witches defying punishment and death during the typical way in which women were accused of witchcraft and them killed, dunking or hanging being the first ones I thought of.

Here is my final image which features only one witch, surrounded by a flock of ravens, escaping her death. Lastly, here is the screen print which was featured in the Hallowzine and I was very happy with the final result, particularly the white ink on top of the back paper, which made the image even more eerie.


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