The Selfish Giant: Character Studies.

My next step for this project was to draw my characters in more detail and focus on their facial features, which I did using a simple graphite pencil. I tried my best to make each of the characters look individual, particularly with the faces, and found it very helpful to draw their faces in different positions rather than just profile, which I actually found the hardest to draw. Despite this, I think the characters will begin to look more individual when they have different expressions unlike in these current drawings, but at this point of the project, I just wanted to focus drawing basic faces. As I really wanted to use this part of the project as an opportunity to really refine my drawing skill, I studied the work of the Pre Raphaelites in particular, as well as medieval manuscripts, in order to help with my basic drawing skills.
The part of the project was very challenging because I was drawing different people of varying ages and I really wanted to get it right, however it was very worth while as I have gotten used to drawing different people and clothing, something which I have always struggled with, but, I am really pleased with the overall final result and hopefully with more practice I’ll be able to draw like this quicker as well as easier. My next step for this project will be to focus on architecture, and there are many places around Cardiff I can visit to study that aspect.

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