The Selfish Giant: Costume Research and Design

After finishing the my first year project based on The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, which can be seen here:, I decided that as preparation for my third year, I would re-visit this project and almost ‘remake’ it. The medieval style I had used in this project and my TED project is something that I really want to explore more and develop and so my first starting point was to do some research on medieval costume so that I could then apply this to the design of the characters in my illustrations of the story. I used the following books as reference, ‘What People Wore When’ by Melissa Leventon and ‘The Anatomy of Costume’ by Robert Selbie. During my research, I produced some quick fine line sketches of costumes based on reference images from the two books, and then used pro marker pens and sharpies to get a small idea of applying colour to them.

After this, I began to develop ideas for the characters and their costumes which can been seen below.


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