Book of Portraits, Part 1: Actors and Actresses

As preparation for my third year, over the summer, I decided that in order to improve my skills when it comes to drawing and painting people, particularly portraits, that I would dedicate a sketchbook entirely to practicing this. One of the first things that cam to my mind was the ink portraits I had done for my Beyond Fiction project and so I used that as one of my starting points. Below are ink portraits of the actors and actresses I had used in the Beyond Fiction project. I am really pleased with how these turned out, they were initially quite difficult to draw and they don’t look exactly like their real life counterparts, but I still really like the look of them and doing this exercise really helped to improve my drawing and quick painting skills. I plan on continuing this book over the summer and through my final year and will post more updates of it as I continue.


One thought on “Book of Portraits, Part 1: Actors and Actresses

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