First Year, Field: The Land of Lost Objects Character Boards

For the final part of my first year field project, I drew these character boards/posters with dip-pen and ink. The compositions of these images were based on my earlier concertina book idea and I also wanted to pair up the characters and have each pair be able to create one full image when they are put together and I have tried to show this below in the presentation of the images. I really liked how these images turned out, they are very simplistic but I think that’s what I like about them, and because I was pleased with the final turn out, I was very apprehensive to add colour to them so I had them photocopied so I could paint them and have two copies.

Below are and example of two of the watercolour versions of the images. Unfortunately due to the photocopying, some of them don’t line up as well as the originals but you can still see the idea in the images. Overall, I was quite pleased with how most of them look painted, some more than others, but am glad I photocopied the originals so that I could see which worked better as images. Looking at all of them now, I’m pretty unsure about whether or not I prefer them with or without colour, I think that both coloured and non coloured versions work as illustrations differently and in their own ways.


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