First Year, Field: The Land of Lost Objects

After my initial research for my first year field project, I was given the brief ‘Mapping’ to expand upon the existing brief ‘The City’, and after visiting different places in and around Cardiff, I decided to focus my project on Jacob’s Antique Market and a few objects from there. Several ideas came into my mind after picking out a few objects from Jacob’s market, including:
– where were these objects originally from?
– How did they come to be at Jacob’s Market?
– A world full of lost or unwanted objects
– objects from different cultures
My final idea was to create a narrative based around several objects that where lost in a junkyard like world where all the lost objects end up. The story would involve a boy who had lost his teddy bear and starts looking for him by looking under his bed. After crawling under his bed he falls into the land of lost objects where he meets a cast of different characters who help him travel through the land to find his lost teddy and his way back home. Below are sketches of the objects I decided to use in my story along with a small character biography for each.
Firstly, there is Francis the fawn (who I later found out was the Baby Cham fawn) who is the first to meet the boy in the Land of Lost Objects. He appears to be friendly and helpful, but is really the villain of the story. He is angry because he has been lost for a long time and is bitter that the boy has come to find his Teddy and so he decides to try and trap the boy in the Land of Lost Objects. He was an ornament in the boy’s house.

Francis. Scott Keenan, 2014

Next there is Jack, a lonely puppet who is clumsy and forgetful, but is a loyal friend at heart. He lives on the outskirts of the land in the junkyard tips and is the second to join the boy’s journey. He originally belonged to the boy’s father.

Jack. Scott Keenan, 2014

Giovanni is next and he is also a puppet like Jack. He is an aspiring musician who likes to be in the lead, but can be quite snobbish at times. He dreams of being a composer at the Queen’s court and originally was the boy’s grandfather’s childhood toy. He lives in a doll house in Toy Town.


Then there is Yvette, a porcelain ballerina ornament who hides her insecurities and bitterness about being lost with bossiness. She originally belonged to the boy’s grandmother and is upset because she is lost and unwanted when she should be on display for everyone to see. She currently lives in a broken teapot in the China and Porcelain Town and is the fourth character the boy meets.

Yvette. Scott Keenan, 2014

Up next is Queen Alina, a doll who rules over the Land of Lost Objects from her palace made from various parts of china and porcelain at the centre of the land. She was a childhood doll of the boy’s mother.

Queen Alina. Scott Keenan, 2014

Here is Tatters, a lost Jack in the box clown who is the captain of the Queen’s Guard and her best friend.

Tatters. Scott Keenan, 2014

Finally, this is Teddy, who goes missing at the beginning of the story, setting off the boy’s journey.

Teddy. Scott Keenan, 2014




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