TED Talk Project: Inital Ideas of Final Images

After my first critique for this project I started to colour my images, experimenting with different ways of applying colour to the images as suggested in the critique. I also was told that to re-think the idea of using the imagery of a brain in the images and to look into the shapes and patterns of plant roots compared to the shapes and patterns of brains and neurons. As well as this, I was given the idea to incorporate themes of nature verses man made, in relation to the idea of the underestimation of plants by humans, in the use of archways in the illustrations. I could do this by having the plants breaking out of and taking over the man made arches. As for the colouring of the images, I experimented with using a mix of gouache, ink and watercolour as well as gold ink for the archways. The painting process was taking a very long time to finish, mainly because there were quite large images, and eventually I began to run out of time and had to think of a different way to colour them. Below I have included the images I showed in my critique, not all of them are colour or finished, they are just rough composition ideas at this point.


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